About: Our Clients

Crowe Soberman has built its reputation in Ontario working with clients who range from individuals and families to mid-market, owner-managed companies who are at various stages in their growth cycle.


You may need help starting up a new business or opening a subsidiary in Canada. We can help you to navigate the operational, financial and strategic challenges along this path, such as sorting out funding options, increase your cash flow, choosing an accounting system, or structure your business.


Are you aiming for slow and steady growth? Perhaps you are ready to grow more rapidly? We will provide you with the strategic and tactical advice that will help you grow to your next stage, such as identifying tax credits or government assistance, manage your human capital, selecting an accounting standard, or selecting financing options.


You are in your sweet spot, but you don’t want to rest on your laurels. What are the strategic options that you can pursue to build on your success? We can help you to safeguard your assets from liabilities, help you to go public, advise you about sales taxes, and maximize your ROI.

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