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Ragu Rajaratnam

Ragu Rajaratnam, CPA, CA Manager, Audit and Advisory

The program of Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo provided me with an education that opened doors and enriched my prospects. The rigorous course of study, as well as the intense co-op program, not only shaped my thought processes at an early age, but also my ethics and work habits.

After my co-op experience in a smaller firm, I realized that to grow personally and professionally I needed to work with larger clients, a broader scope of industries and opportunities for career advancement. I found all these at Crowe Soberman.

The beauty of Crowe Soberman is that while it has large clients with revenues in the hundreds of millions in a range of industries, it allows staff to work on all aspects of a file, from planning to completion. This has allowed me to hone my soft skills by dealing with internal auditors, board members, executives and staff at all levels throughout engagements.

I am happy with my career progress so far. I currently hold a position as Senior Staff Accountant, and my goal is to pursue a management position at the firm.

For me, the social component of working at Crowe Soberman is as important as career growth. An environment of individual drive as well as willingness to support one another is fostered through firm-sponsored activities, but is even more evident in the long lasting relationships we build outside the work place.

Joel Podbere

Joel Podbere, CPA, CA Partner, Audit and Advisory (A&A)

Just like sports figures such as Andrew Wiggins and Brett Hull, and political figures like Justin Trudeau, I have followed the career footsteps of my father, a chartered professional accountant. As my mother is a bookkeeper, my uncle a controller and my father’s uncle a chartered professional accountant, I guess it’s in the blood. Perhaps that’s why on entering McGill University in Montreal, I never considered any major other than accounting.

After passing the UFE in 2004, what attracted me to the firm (which was then Soberman LLP) was not only the opportunity to work with so many skilled professionals, but also its family atmosphere, which even includes the most senior partners of the firm.

Over the years since then, and now as a partner in the firm, I see Crowe Soberman’s unique nature on a daily basis. Our firm is genuine in its belief that it succeeds only when its staff and clients succeed. My favourite part of my job is knowing that the work I have done has had a positive impact on a staff member or client.

And my fulfilling work days are topped off when I go home to my wife, Caryn, and our two lively children, Samantha and Eddie.

If career aptitude really does run in the genes, I’m glad mine led me into accountancy, and particularly to Crowe Soberman.

Alice Madolciu

Alice Madolciu, CPA, CA Manager, Tax

When I was in grade 10, a CPA came to our class and told us “CPAs rule the world.” I was sold.

I entered the accounting co-operative program at the University of Waterloo, where in my first year, during campus recruiting week, I was introduced to Crowe Soberman. My conversations with the larger firm representatives had been all about prestige and privilege, but Crowe Soberman was different. From the Director of Operations I learned about variety of work, growth opportunities and the vibrant, collegial culture of the firm. I hadn’t really understood before what people meant by “fit”, but I instantly recognized it with Crowe Soberman.

Some weeks later I had the opportunity to have lunch with the then Managing Partner and the Director of Operations. This might have been intimidating for a young student, but instead the comfortable, natural conversation confirmed my impression of collegial relationships at all levels in the firm. This was where I wanted to grow my career.

Working in the Audit & Advisory group, first as a co-op student and then as a full-time employee, opened my eyes to the variety of clients the firm had. But when I moved to the Tax group, things got really exciting! There’s no such thing as a “typical” day in Tax. The learning curve is steep and constantly moving, but I have gained the necessary knowledge to help our clients navigate and benefit from the tax system.

Crowe Soberman is so much more than a workplace. I have participated on firm teams such as softball, basketball and beach volleyball; I’ve been involved in community programs and have helped raise funds for non-profit and charitable organizations. The firm and its partners genuinely support the staff’s individual talents and interests outside of work, fostering a community of friendships to last a lifetime.

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