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September 25th, 2017 canadian small business

When Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, announced the proposed tax reform in the dead of summer, the Federal Government also provided for a hasty 75-day window as a consultation period. Even as October 2nd, the end of this consultation period, looms ever nearer, Crowe Soberman’s partners have continued their work advocating on behalf of Canada’s some 1.8M private corporations.

Following our last update on September 8th (to read click here):

Today, partners Adam Scherer and Ali Spinner are in Ottawa attending a joint conference with the Department of Finance and the Canadian Tax Foundation entitled Tax Planning Using Private Corporations: Analysis and Discussion with Finance.

If enacted, these proposals will have a significantly adverse impact on the majority of entrepreneurial Canadian small business owners. Crowe Soberman is committed to exhausting every means available to campaign against these proposals and advocate on your behalf.

We strongly encourage you to join us. Contact your local MP to have your voice heard before October 2nd.

Specific professional advice should be obtained prior to the implementation of any suggestion contained above.

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