Blog: Navigating the Road to Tax Planning (Infographic)

January 31st, 2018

Following the July 2017 Tax Proposals, the road to efficient tax planning for Canadian-controlled private corporations is certainly more complex but still navigable.

Download our tax planning infographic here (PDF).

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Aaron SchechterAaron Schechter, CPA, CA is a partner with Crowe Soberman’s Tax Group. Aaron’s expertise lies in strategic tax planning for owner-managed private companies. His client portfolio includes a range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, entertainment, software development, retail, and service-oriented businesses. Contact Aaron by email at or directly at 416.963.7192.

This infographic was prepared for the general information of our clients. Specific professional advice should be obtained prior to the implementation of any suggestion contained within. Please note that this publication should not be considered a substitute for personalized tax advice related to your particular situation.


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