Blog: How to Pay Your Taxes Online

March 3rd, 2017 pay your taxes online

While paying taxes is never fun, it can at least be easy. Here are the three basic steps to paying your Canadian taxes online:

1.Visit your online individual banking service.
Note: Webpage images may be different for each financial institution.
If you are not signed up for online banking, visit your financial institutions website, select the option to create a new account, and follow the provided steps.

2.Select the option to “Add a payee”, and search for Canada Revenue Agency or CRA Revenue. Select the applicable option.

3. Select your online individual banking services option for paying bills. Then select the payee CRA revenue option as the recipient, and enter the applicable amount.

For more information on how to pay your taxes online, please visit the CRA website at: search under the “Make a payment…” tab.

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To download these instructions in a printable file click here.

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