Blog: Overheard at Crowe Soberman | Salary vs. Dividends

March 4th, 2019 wealth transfer, cannabis in the workplace, salary vs dividends

Salary vs. dividends: Which is better for business owners?

All incorporated small business owners eventually must decide how to pay themselves: by salary or dividends. There’s no simple response, so Tax Partner, Aaron Schechter, and Advisory Manager, Adam Gur, unpacked the process to answer that question in our most recent edition of Overheard at Crowe Soberman. Click on the embedded video below to watch.

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Adam Gur, CPA, CA is a Manager in the Audit & Advisory team at Crowe Soberman. Contact Adam at 416.963.7107 or via email

Aaron Schechter, CPA, CA is a Partner with Crowe Soberman’s Tax Group. Contact Aaron by email at  or directly at 416.963.7192.

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