Industries: Public Companies

Keep your public company financially healthy

The day-to-day operation of a public company is a massive undertaking, requiring teams of people working together to meet the goals of the organization. The company’s financial health is vital to its overall success, and the professionals at Crowe Soberman work with public companies, from start-ups to mature organizations, to assist with this aspect of the business.

Crowe Soberman is a registered member of The Canadian Public Accountability Board (“CPAB”). CPAB, an independent regulator of audit firms, annually publishes its public report. This public report provides a summary of firm level inspection themes, recurring issues and emerging trends without identifying the audit firms or reporting issuers. Click here to read the full 2017 annual public report.

Among the services we provide to these clients is the preparation of annual audit and quarterly reviews and advice on accounting and reporting matters. We ensure they are not only tax compliant, but also taking advantage of the many tax opportunities available to them.

We also work with public company clients for whom we do not provide audit services. However, they do benefit from Crowe Soberman’s strategic, management and compliance advice.

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