InFocus: Best of 2016

Date: December, 2016 InFocus Best of 2016

Change is a natural part of life – for people as individuals and in the lifecycle of a business as well. Companies must grow, evolve and re-invent to stay competitive in an ever-changing world.

Change should always be a part of company culture since it encourages innovation and efficiency. Leaders must be committed to change as it is a key ingredient in sustainability. At Crowe Soberman, we are continuously re-evaluating our business while we also assist our clients in doing the same for themselves. We invest in tomorrow because we know smart decisions build lasting value for our clients, people, and the profession.

If you follow Crowe Soberman on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have noticed another change in 2016 with this very newsletter. At the beginning of this year, we took a fresh approach to how we share our inFocus articles with you. To enhance our online presence, and make it easier for you to consume content from our professionals, we made the change to publish articles on a more frequent basis online and produce a compilation, like this issue, on an annual basis.

In this issue of InFocus we have compiled articles from 2016 that address a broad range of topics. From changes in the workforce–which is now dominated by a new generation known as millennials–to changes in the world of estate planning to include digital assets like social media; our professionals know how to handle change – and can help you make smart decisions today, for lasting value tomorrow.

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