Services: Due Diligence, Fraud & Forensic Investigation

Crowe Soberman’s V | F | L Group combines years of professional experience in public accounting with the expertise of protecting, preventing and investigating white collar crime. Our specialized team assists you in assessing the viability of various business ventures.

Our team is devoted to the protection, prevention, and investigation of occupational fraud, waste and abuse. Every organization is susceptible to fraud and it is necessary to identify the areas of risk. We have designed a concise report to assist you in identifying where your company is vulnerable and the resulting action plan provides our clients with the necessary steps to take to protect their organization.

Many factors in today’s business environment make it all too easy for fraudsters to operate successfully. Recent studies estimate that most small and medium-sized businesses in Canada may lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year and that result in excess of $3 billion in total losses. Aside from direct financial losses, the indirect costs of fraud include lost productivity, damaged reputation, reduced morale and its impact on relationships with employees, clients, suppliers and lenders.

Crowe Soberman’s V | F | L group are skilled investigators who, when fraud occurs, work along with their clients and legal teams to help identify and quantify fraudulent activity, eliminate opportunities for further loss, and provide support for recovery from insurance or through litigation.

Fraud is not something that can be taken lightly, and we have the proven capability to meet and exceed your expectations.

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