Services: Internal Audit

Reduce your risk with solid internal controls

Let’s face it: business entails risk. Risk springs from external forces such as the market for your services, increasingly complex government regulations and a general business culture that is subject to speed-of-light changes.

Risk can also arise from inadequate, ineffective or incomplete internal controls.

External risk may be outside your control, but you can manage internal risk with the help of Crowe Soberman’s Internal Audit specialists. We’ll review your current internal processes and controls, internal audit function and documentation. We’ll identify areas where ineffective systems put your business at risk and help you plug the gaps.

Risk can come from malicious acts such as fraud, or from innocent mistakes made through lack of knowledge or attention to detail. Crowe Soberman professionals may help you identify either or both, and help you take the steps necessary to reduce those risks that are within your control.


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