Services: International Tax

Take the tax stress out of your international operations

Taking your business global greatly increases potential markets and profitability; it also adds a whole new level of complexity in terms of tax.

Whether your international operation occurs across the Canadian-U.S. border or around the world, Crowe Soberman’s International Tax Group can help you navigate the maze of tax regulations, rules and laws of the countries in which you operate.

International tax laws are not only complex, but are also constantly changing. We monitor those changes and their effects so that you don’t have to. As a Crowe Soberman client, you won’t be caught unaware by a change that will affect your business.

An important aspect of operating internationally is Transfer Pricing, a method of pricing services and other transactions between related parties, such as your international affiliates. Transfer Pricing rules are complex and ever changing. Crowe Soberman can assist you to keep compliant with these rules.

Services include:

  • Corporate tax minimization through finance structuring and management
  • Acquisition and sale support
  • Corporate structuring and restructuring
  • Compliance and planning for foreign country taxes
  • Transfer pricing planning and reporting

Foreign companies doing business/investing in Canada

If you are a foreign organization wishing to do business or invest in Canada, Crowe Soberman can help you understand and work within Canadian tax laws and regulations to maximize your opportunities here.

Services include:

  • Understanding the withholding tax obligations on services, rents, royalties, interest, dividends and sometimes capital gains
  • Tax reporting requirements for non-resident investors
  • Compliance and planning for Canadian commodity taxes, including GST and HST

Immigrating or Emigrating

International movement of people for both business and personal reasons is becoming more and more a part of today’s society. Whether you are moving to or from Canada, or your move is temporary or permanent, you will be affected by the tax regulations of both Canada and the other countries involved.

The Crowe Soberman International Tax Group has the knowledge, experience and interest to help you avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits of your international move.

We are well known for the specialized expertise we provide athletes and entertainers through our International Sports, Entertainment & Media Group.

Investing In Canada

As a non-resident investor or business owner, you can reduce your tax burden and easily navigate the tax reporting requirements without worry, all with the help of our International Tax Group.

As a member of Crowe Global, and with the additional expertise of other regional members, Crowe Soberman is uniquely positioned to remove the tax concerns from our clients’ international operations.

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