Services: International Transactions and Consulting Group (ITC Group)

Crowe Soberman’s ITC Group provides a broad range of professional cross-border services for individuals, businesses, executives, expatriates and investors. Our in-depth skills and experience enable us to assist overseas clients with compliance issues as well as tax planning and structuring. We help to take the worry out of your international operations and maximize your opportunities in Canada. We assist international businesses looking to expand operations to Canada or invest in Canada in the following ways:

  • Special Canadian compliance and tax planning for Canadian companies with subsidiaries or parent companies abroad;
  • Corporate tax minimization through finance structuring and management;
  • Repatriation of funds in an efficient manner;
  • Transfer pricing, planning and reporting;
  • Acquisition and sales support;
  • Accounting systems and standards;
  • Structuring operations in a tax-efficient manner;
  • Assisting with financing operations in an effective way;
  • Understanding withholding tax obligations on services, rents, royalties, interest, dividends and capital gains;
  • Providing global mobility services;
  • Assisting with human resources management and compliance with all required federal and local legislation, including payroll assistance;
  • Advising on tax reporting requirements for non-resident investors;
  • Providing consulting, compliance and planning for Canadian commodity taxes, including GST and HST (“VAT”); and
  • Facilitating introductions to other Canadian professionals, such as lawyers, bankers, real estate and/or insurance agents.

Investing in Canada

As a non-resident investor or business owner, you can reduce your tax burden and find your way through the tax reporting requirements without stress, with the help of our ITC Group. As a member of Crowe Global, and with the additional expertise of other regional members, Crowe Soberman is uniquely positioned to remove the worries from our clients’ international operations. Download our Investing in Canada brochure here.

It would be our sincere pleasure to work with you.

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