Services: Litigation Support

Smooth the path through the litigation process

The V | F | L group at Crowe Soberman has the specialized knowledge and expertise necessary to assist you in your litigation matters.

We assist your legal team through the litigation process by:

  • Managing the progression of your case through the court’s timetable cost effectively;
  • Ensuring you have the necessary factual information for evaluating the potential success of our arguments at any stage of litigation;
  • Improving your chances of settling a dispute at an early stage by providing independent, objective and impartial advice;
  • Staying alert to potential weaknesses in your case at an early stage; and Estimating the likelihood of any given argument to help you pursue a cost-effective strategy.

Our litigation support services go beyond expert testimony. We also offer services that handle alternative dispute resolution, breach of contract, business interruption, construction, fraud a forensic accounting, intellectual property, professional malpractice and shareholder disputes/securities.

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