GST for performers

Performing in Canada – The GST Blues

Date: August 1st, 2017

Over 25 years after it was first introduced in Canada, the Goods and Services Tax (“GST”), while simple in concept, remains one of the more ...

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American Athletes

No Longer a Myth – American Athletes Pay More in Toronto

Date: July 26th, 2017

It’s summer in Toronto! This means it’s the season for outdoor patios, wearing shorts and for us sports fans, trips to the dome to see ...

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non-resident speculation tax

Ontario Introduces a Non-Resident Speculation Tax

Date: April 20th, 2017

This morning, Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne unveiled 16 measures to make housing more affordable in the Toronto area. The announcement comes after two consecutive years ...

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Non-Resident Corporations’ GST/HST Registration Requirement in Canada

Date: April 7th, 2017

In general, a non-resident corporation is not required to register for GST/HST in Canada unless it makes taxable supplies of goods or services in the ...

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employer certification

Non-Canadian Resident Employer Certification – Recent Developments

Date: January 16th, 2017

Starting in 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) initiated the New Non-Canadian Resident Employer Certification program to simplify the payroll obligations on non-Canadian resident employers ...

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Tips and Traps for Non-Residents with a Presence in Canada

Date: January 9th, 2017

Are you a non-resident with a presence in Canada? A presence could be defined as employees, businesses, subsidiaries, investments or loans. If so, here are ...

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