The Checkup: 2019 Issue: The Checkup

Date: February, 2019 checkup

The 2019 issue of our refreshed and renamed newsletter, The Checkup, is now available for download.

In this edition, Aaron Schechter discusses how the passive income clawback of the low corporate income tax rate is actually not such a bad thing. In fact, in Ontario, there is a hidden tax benefit to finding yourself in the clawback rules.

Daniel Mahne looks at a bona fide tax saving strategy for high income earners to continue to income split with low income family members by using a prescribed rate loan.

If you need additional funds, Daniel Ling investigates the tax implications of withdrawing funds from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (“RRSP”).

Finally, Alessandra De Palma summarizes a recent court case which confirms an expansion of eligible child care expenses to include recreational and educational activities in certain circumstances.

We invite you to read the articles prepared by our experts and get in touch with any questions, comments or to schedule your next financial checkup.

Click here to download the full 2019 edition of The Checkup.

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